Our Life Changing Programs

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young


Camp SAY: Summer Camp for Young People who Stutter

Our 2-week, ACA-accredited sleep-away camp welcomes young people who stutter, ages 8-18, and their young family members and friends. Camp SAY combines the highest-quality traditional summer experience with programs that empower young people who stutter. Children from across the US, and beyond, attend our camp for a uniquely fun, highly immersive and transformative experience. Parents and campers call Camp SAY life-changing. CampSAY.org

Confident Voices After-school & Weekend Programs

Our after-school & weekend programs help young people who stutter develop essential skills, and enjoy a unique forum to freely express their thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Utilizing a broad range of effective program formats – all of which build communication skills and self-confidence – our skilled staff taps into each child’s individual strengths and interests, creating a highly individualized experience that generates profound results. SAY.org/programs

SAY: Speech Therapy – Every Voice Deserves to be Heard

Our practice provides comprehensive stuttering treatment that incorporates  physical strategies to make speaking easier, as well as education, fear reduction, counseling and parent/family integration. We help young people who stutter build self-confidence, enjoy greater independence, increase school participation and advocate for themselves more fully. SAY.org/programs

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