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The My Stutter Project

The My Stutter Project

Connecting young people who stutter

Connecting young people who stutter

A Brave Space for Young People Who Stutter

A Brave Space for Young People Who Stutter

Celebrating Every Voice

Celebrating Every Voice

A Global Program

A Global Program

Join a Global Community!

Connecting young people who stutter from around the world

In 2024, SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young will expand our online programming to offer community, support, and creative workshops for young people who stutter all over the world.

Our program offers a brave space for young people who stutter to make friends with others who understand what they’re going through, have a creative outlet, share their stories, and learn new ways of advocating for themselves. This new program will establish a global community, where each participant’s voice is not only heard, but celebrated. At SAY, we believe in using the Arts to ignite the power of deep listening, connection, support, and self-expression.

Since 2001, SAY has been at the forefront of providing support and resources for young people who stutter. Over the years, SAY has grown into a renowned and award-winning organization, recognized for its innovative programs and its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young people who stutter and their families.

The My Stutter Project is designed and led by accomplished educators from across the spectrum of SAY programs (see details below), including Camp SAY, Confident Voices, SAY: DC, and SAY: Australia. The curriculum is rooted in a deep understanding of the needs of young individuals who stutter. We are committed to creating a fun, nurturing, and inspiring virtual environment where participants feel supported and empowered and always have as much time as they need to speak.

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We believe that every young person who stutters has a voice that matters; a voice that deserves to be heard.

Program Overview
Sessions are held weekly, and each month of our five-month program is carefully designed to function as a progression, so that each participant builds upon the skills they developed in the previous sessions. We begin with a foundation of support, comfort, and camaraderie. As trust in each other and oneself grows, each month’s offerings aim to instill greater ability to navigate real-world situations with confidence and strength.

February: Building Community
At the start of the program, February serves as an opportunity for participants to build connections and establish a sense of community. Our participants will collectively experience the comfort of knowing they are surrounded by friends who truly understand each other’s struggles.

March: Express Your Voice
In March, we will use poetry as a conduit for expressing thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Through group discussions, and creative writing exercises, participants will develop their artistic voice while gaining confidence in their ability to powerfully articulate their ideas.

April: Make Your Mark
In April, we will unleash our creative potential with fun and interesting art projects using simple materials with big impact. We will primarily use drawing and mixed-media as tools to deepen our skills of observation, learning how to see the world in fresh ways. Through art and mentorship, young people will gain new ways of telling their stories and articulating their vision, all while learning how to plumb the depths of their imaginations.

May: Educating Others
May will be dedicated to helping each participant create their own unique presentation about stuttering, that they could share within their own community if they choose to: at school, with their friends and family, and beyond! Over the years at SAY, we have seen such presentations create huge positive impacts – helping teachers, school administrators and classmates to better support, and having far-reaching implications by bolstering the young person’s general confidence and preparedness when encountering people who don’t understand what stuttering is. Often, such presentations have the effect of reducing bullying, teasing, unfair judgements, and misconceptions. Our goal is to equip young people who stutter with a strong belief in themselves as they also develop the wherewithal to be powerful advocates.

June: Sharing Our Stories
In June, the program culminates in an online Open Mic gathering where participants have the chance to present their favorite original artistic pieces and educational presentations. This event will be open to friends and family of our participants. It will provide a platform for them to share their voices, stories, and artistic expressions with the world. This event not only boosts participants’ self-confidence but also reinforces the sense of connection and support they have developed throughout The My Stutter Project.

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The My Stutter Project

The Details
The My Stutter Project sessions take place weekly on Zoom, with two Groups:

Midweek Group (Meeting on Wednesdays from January 31 – June 26, 2024)

Your time zone not listed above?  Confirm the program time in your area.

Weekend Group (Meeting on Fridays/Saturdays from February 2/February 3 – June 28/June 29, 2024)

Note: due to time zone differences, some people will be joining the Weekend Group on Fridays and some will be joining on Saturdays.

Your time zone not listed above?  Confirm the program time in your area.

This program is open to all young people who stutter, ages 8-18. There is no charge to participate in The My Stutter Project – all you need is an internet connection. At this time, all sessions will be led in English.

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The My Stutter Project Team:

Taro Alexander, Founder

Everett Bradley, Founding Musical Director

Kate Detrick, Development Manager

Danielle Lenee, Confident Voices Associate

Leigh Pennebaker, SAY: DC Co-Founder

Kendra Perkins, Camp SAY Director

Travis Robertson, Artistic Director

Rich Stephens, SAY: AU Founder and President


SAY what’s in your heart.
SAY what’s on your mind.
SAY what you want to say.
SAY the story you want to tell.
SAY the things you want the world to know about you.
SAY the things you want the world to hear.

Because in the end, what you have to SAY, not only says a lot about you, it says a lot about all of us. We’re here to help you SAY the things that shouldn’t go unsaid.

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