MY STUTTER Video Series

The MY STUTTER series shares the incredible stories of people who stutter - inspiring young people who stutter to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young


MY STUTTER also helps educate the world about the unimaginable fear and cruelty that kids & teens who stutter often face, and unites us all through the common threads of compassion and kindness. The series highlights these courageous people who stutter:

Jenny McGuire, Austin Pendleton, Joe Popovich Jr., Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Ken Roberson, Shachar Scott, Achilleas Souras, John Sculley & Bill Withers.

Achilleas Souras

Jenny McGuire

Bill Withers

Joe Popovich Jr.

John Sculley

Shachar Scott

Ken Roberson

Alan Rabinowitz - Part 1

Alan Rabinowitz - Part 2

Austin Pendleton

Inspired to share your own story?  Visit the MY STUTTER blog and let your voice be heard today!

Sincere thanks to John Doyle for helping SAY create MY STUTTER conceptually, graphically, and as the incredibly talented director of this inspiring video series.

We also thank John Carhart for editing these videos.


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