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I have the right to be heard.

About SAY

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young is a national non-profit organization that empowers, educates, and supports young people who stutter and the world that surrounds them.  

How We Help

Over 70 million people stutter across the world, including 5% of all children. Young people who stutter often face daily ridicule, teasing, and bullying. Many will silence themselves out of fear and embarrassment, and withdraw from peers, teachers, and society, leaving them feeling isolated and alone. And without a voice.

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support, advocacy, and life-changing experiences for young people who stutter, ages 3-18. For over 20 years, SAY has offered comprehensive and innovative programs that address the physical, social, and emotional impacts of stuttering. Through summer camp, regional day camps, speech therapy, and creative arts programming, SAY builds a community of acceptance, friendship, and encouragement where kids and teens who stutter can develop the confidence and communication skills they need to thrive. 

So many incredible children have come to our programs in despair. We have been lifted by their courage and have witnessed the transformation that occurs when children who stutter are given the time to speak and express themselves fully … because every voice matters.

We believe that every young person who stutters has a voice that matters and it is a voice that deserves to be heard.

Our Programs

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SAY is dedicated to serving children who stutter from all socioeconomic backgrounds, regardless of financial constraints. To date, no child has ever been turned away due to a family’s inability to pay. Your support helps to ensure that essential legacy and keeps SAY programs available to EVERY child who stutters.

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SAY what’s in your heart.
SAY what’s on your mind.
SAY what you want to say.
SAY the story you want to tell.
SAY the things you want the world to know about you.
SAY the things you want the world to hear.

Because in the end, what you have to SAY, not only says a lot about you, it says a lot about all of us. We’re here to help you SAY the things that shouldn’t go unsaid.

Camp SAY
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Camp SAY

SAY: Speech
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SAY: Speech

Confident Voices
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Confident Voices

We envision a world where every voice matters.

We envision a world where every voice matters.

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