SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young


SAY: Songwriters Concert at Joe’s Pub | 2017

Sunday January 15, 2017


Joe's Pub,

425 Lafayette Street

Join us for this inspiring concert, featuring original songs written & performed by these amazing SAY kids & teens:

Alex, Ameer, Anderson, Clare, D’Amari, Daniel, Darius, Derick, Ellie, Estefani, Franklyn, Gabriella, Gilmar, Isiah, Jabari, Jared, Jeremiah, Jerry, Julian, Kaitlyn, Keon, Klanell, Lexi, Paul, Reuben, Ronaldo, Sebastian, Setto, Talen, Terrell, Umzima, Vincent, & Yordi.

The young participants, ages 8 – 18, worked with professional songwriters to bring their original songs to life.  Everett Bradley, SAY’s musical director (currently touring with Jon Bon Jovi) leads a professional band to back up these amazing superstar SAY songwriters as they perform their original songs.

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