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SAY Commemorates World SAY DAY on NASDAQ

World SAY Day

To celebrate World SAY Day, The Stuttering Association for the Young rang the opening bell at NASDAQ.

"World SAY Day was established by The Stuttering Association for the Young to raise global awareness of stuttering and help give a voice to all people who stutter"

Children who participate in SAY programs joined SAY for the incredible NASDAQ Bell Ringing Ceremony and Founder, Taro Alexander, Executive Director, Noah Cornman & SAY Parent, Kimberly Garvin took the stage to deliver inspirational remarks that were broadcast worldwide.

Although more than 70 million people stutter – including 5% of all children – stuttering remains a widely misunderstood speech disorder. Education  is crucial so more people understand stuttering and how best to speak with a person who stutters.  Please refer to SAY’s Stuttering 101 and Listening Tips!

Young people who stutter often face unimaginable  fear and cruelty from a world that doesn’t understand stuttering, so World SAY Day also encourages the world to treat people who stutter with compassion and respect because every voice matters.

Huge thanks to SAY Sponsor Viacom who helped make this day possible and the team at NASDAQ!

SAY Bell Ringing Ceremony at NASDAQ

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