SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young


Paul Rudd Hosts a Celebrity Bowling Tournament for SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young

The New York Times - Style Section

Paul Rudd, the 50-year-old actor celebrated as ageless by countless memes and BuzzFeed listicles, stood in a line of children Monday night, hoisting a blue bowling ball and smiling for the cameras. He was at the Lucky Strike bowling alley on West 42nd Street for his all-star tournament to benefit SAY, the Stuttering Association for the Young.

“It’s hard being a kid, it’s hard suffering with a stutter,” Mr. Rudd said, who was dressed casually in a sweater and button-down shirt. He became involved with SAY after meeting its founder, Taro Alexander, to play a character who stuttered in “Three Days of Rain” on Broadway in 2006.

More than a dozen of Mr. Rudd’s actor friends showed up, including Brandon Victor DixonDaphne Rubin Vega, Alysia Reiner, Geneva Carr and Alex Brightman, who were assigned to be “lane captains.” And why a celebrity bowling tournament, which seems like a retro plot device out of “The Honeymooners?”

The event raised about $90,000 for SAY’s summer camp, though the children were too excited by the food and games to think that far ahead.

“Don’t try to go healthy at a bowling alley,” said Rachel Dratch, the comedian, as trays of sliders and breaded mozzarella sticks were delivered to the lanes. “Get the fries or the chicken fingers, don’t order a salad.”

Mr. Rudd added: “If you’re getting something like pizza or chicken fingers, just make sure to take advantage of the hand sanitizer stations, because apparently the three holes in a bowling ball are the filthiest places on earth.”

“So I would suggest doing that before digging into the calamari,” he said.

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