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Dom Amore: George Springer Inspiring Kids To Find Their Voices

Hopefully I can help just by showing, ‘hey, man, you can be who you want and say what you want to say. Just go out there and enjoy life.'— George Springer

When UConn baseball coach Jim Penders sat down with his children to watch the All-Star Game and his former outfielder George Springer play last summer, he admits to being a little worried. Springer had agreed to wear a microphone for Fox during the game.

“I was cringing, thinking ‘Oh my God, what’s he doing?’” said Penders. “And he was great. To do the interview during the game and bring so much attention to his own issue, it took a tremendous amount of bravery.”

Few, if any are surprised that Springer, the World Series MVP from New Britain and Avon Old Farms, has become one of the best players in baseball. A first-round pick, the talent was obvious. But even those who have known Springer the best, the longest, can still be blown away by how comfortable he is in his own skin — and how powerful a message that sends.

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