SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young


NY Post – Page Six: 2019 Paul Rudd Bowling Benefit for SAY

Cindy Adams Attends Paul Rudd’s 8th Annual Bowling Benefit for SAY

Paul Rudd’s bowling benefit for stuttering charity rolls through eighth year



Cindy Adams

Forget the headlines. Nice good people — like actor Paul Rudd — still exist.

A bowling alley on 12th Avenue. Two more steps west, and you’re in Weehawken. Entrance is through a crowded noisy behind-to-behind bar. Some behinds rounder than the bowling balls. The inner room? Louder, busier. Astronauts have more air.

Inside, a calm poised “Antman” Paul Rudd in a sweater. So why’s he there?

“2006 when I played a stutterer in ‘Three Days of Rain,’ I realized the pain such a challenge causes. This is my annual All-Star Bowling Benefit for SAY, an association that aids young stutterers.”

Over the din behind us — supposedly including all-star bowlers Janeane GarofaloRachel Dratch, Alex Brightman, Jane Alexander, Richard Kind, Daphne Rubin-Vega — he said: “Having just launched ‘Living With Yourself,’ my new Netflix show, I now can relax and just enjoy Thanksgiving. I live in New York. I’ll watch the parade. Watch football, which I love. Then feed 30 people, family and friends.

“And best of all, play with the 12-pound Cavapoo dog I bought two years ago.”

As a staffer blocked bodies to get me to my car, a black-sweatered man stopped me. “I’m Mo Rocca’s manager.” OK. “Mo’s just written this book ‘Mobituaries.’ It’s wonderful. It’s now out. He spent a year doing research on it. I’ve been Mo’s manager 20 years.” OK.

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